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December 2018
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This type of shining floor will surely add an elegance to your place, both in the office as well as in your home. Among the various types of this flooring the two main ones consist on: solid hardwood flooring and engineered wood floors. What is connecting those both types of flooring are their overall beauty and the fact that their appearance and patina are improving with age.

The main purpose of this type of service is to bring back the shine of the old hardwood floor. Refinishing them will in short time to get back to its old glory, like in the case of old scratched floors. Everyday use of hardwood floor can, in time, cost its shiny appearance to fade away. Refinishing will quickly let you enjoy your old floor again looking like it was newly set.

Carpet flooring will let you enjoy the softness of the carpet with its look which will bring out the coziness of your place. You will be able to choose among many carpet samples which will definitely interest you. We can assure that the carpet flooring will be set according to your needs and will please the eyes of every visitor.



We are super fast

All the work is carried out on time. Date of work completion agreed with the customer at the moment of making cooperation is follow through in 99%.

Quality is our goal

Extraordinary attention is paid to the quality of performed work. We strive to make every customer 100% satisfied with the services performed by our team. The proof of our quality are numerous recommendations from our customers.


We have over 12 years of experience on the market, which translates into the quality of the executed orders. With the extensive experience we can serve the customer with a professional advice about the material used for flooring, construction and later floor care in order to keep it in good condition for many years.

Fully certified

company Din Floor has all the necessary licenses needed to perform this type of work. In addition, we have taken out insurance to cover possible losses caused by accidents.

Service description


This type of flooring is known for its elegant look and long resistance. It is suitable for a business office as well as for your cozy living room. The team is qualified to install two types of hardwood floor: solid and engineered. It the case of the first type, solid hardwood, the floor is made of planks from solid piece of wood. There are numerous types of wood to choose from. Engineered wood floors consist on blending in together thin layers of wood in order to give it strength and durability, also in this case there is a lot of variations among the wood. The common quality for both hardwood floors is the appearance of elegance and beauty, and with proper care of the wood, they will astonish everyone for a very long time. Our reliable team with professionalism help you during the process of purchasing the hardwood floors. We are available for any question or doubt about the choosing, installation or type of maintenance of floors.

£30 / per hour

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We are able to provide professional carpet flooring with the highest quality materials and suited to every customer need. The standard of the used material is kept on the highest level despite the price. With our experience in this type of services we can assure about our quality of work and the best level of the customer service with the many recommendation we received. As a reliable company we can offer wide choice of carpet material from which you will definitely find something that suits your needs. In addition, we also perform measuring and we are available for the delivery and collection of the carpets from the place of customer. If you can’t decide about any aspect of the carpet flooring work our team will provide you with clear answers which may help you make the choice. We are professional during all phases of purchase, from presenting the materials through measuring and up to setting up the carpet. We are pride to say that we are the best company when it comes to customer service and the professionalism of the work.

£25 / per hour

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Below we present examples of realization of our work.

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Swiss Cottage, Hampstead

work item cover

Swiss Cottage, Hampstead

work item cover

Barnsbury St, Islington